Monday, August 18, 2008

We're Still Here :)

Just wanted to share a couple pics from our little point and shoot camera...

We went to the beach on Friday, and Joey wanted to get a photo of me with the wave crashing against the rocks... well this one was a little too big and I got completely soaked... But the photo pretty much say it all...

Then we shot an engagement session on Saturday... sorry no pics from that till I get home...

And on Sunday we went to DISNEYLAND!! Where we still are today... we're on our way to Cali Adventures for a bit and them back to Disneyland later in the day...

We'll be home on wednesday!


Kelvin Leung 4:09 PM  

Sounds like fun! Haven't been Disney for years because of the crowd during peak season. Now it's the perfect time as school just started. Missed the beach a lot as well.

Leah 10:18 PM  

You both crack me up. The first image is awesome, p&s or not I LOVE it!! You're a nut, good thing the big ol wave didn't drag you in. drop me a line when you get back

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