Monday, August 04, 2008

My Lil Sis Got Married!

I don't have many pics to show you since I was the maid of honor... and had lots to do, but never fear the awesome Elyse Hall was there to snap away. And she had TONS of cute details to photograph! Kasie did an amazing job planning the wedding, the whole thing was so vintage Hollywood, which fits Kasie to a "T" since she is studying to become a movie director. There were film reels, movie poster's with them posing as the lead actors, director's chairs for them to sit in, and lots of love and laughter. Although I have to say the weather was CRAZY! It was an outdoor wedding and reception and during the ceremony the clouds started rolling in, the winds picked up and it was all I could do to hold onto Kasie's veil to keep it from blowing away in the wind. Then as soon as they were pronounced man and wife lighting struck and thunder cracked and the rain began a downpour as we all ran like mad for cover.... and when I say downpour, I mean like hurricane weather downpour. My grandpa got hit in the head with a falling tree branch and a bunch of the guests got stranded under a gazebo. Luckily Joey's brother Josh was there with an van and umbrellas to usher each stranded guest to shelter.

so after an interesting start Kasie and her now hubby Ryan took off to try and take some photos under awnings and overhangs and any other cover they could find while we went to their hotel to check them in. When we got back the rain had let up to only a slight drizzle and the call was made to keep the reception outdoors as planned instead of moving it inside. Well then while we were setting up it started to rain again... and everyone hoped and prayed for it to stop... and IT DID!!!! As soon as we told the guests to grab some food and take a seat the rain stopped and we had a beautiful evening under the stars, with perfect 75 degree weather!

So as soon as Elyse gets some photos up on her blog I'll let everyone know where they can check em out! Till then here are two photos I was able to grab...

Kasie waiting in her room to walk down the isle... Isn't she gorgeous!

The Newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Mccoy taking off to their get away car and a week long honeymoon on a private island! It can't get any better than that!


Ok... I was just going through our suitcases and unpacking them from the weekend and I found one of Kasie's favor's that I just HAD to share with you! When they came down for me to take a couple quick engagement pics we also recreated some famous movie posters for their wedding favors. They came out so cute, and at the reception they had sharpie markers for them to sign memorabilia for people... how Hollywood is that! Here's a scan of one of the posters:


Heather 10:52 PM  

Oh how fun! At least you got to be a maid of honor, all my friends seem to think I am going to be their photographer instead...oh well!!

Kelly Mahoney 11:55 AM  

How adorable!

Jamie Burnett 4:54 PM  

That is such a fun idea!

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