Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jenna + Cody = The longest blog post ever!

The long awaited post is finally here! I'm still buried under a HUGE pile of work right now, but wanted to go through and pull out some of my favorites to share with you all... that and I think Jenna was about ready to pop from how bad she wanted to see them! But then I started going through the photos and just couldn't narrow it down! I like so many of them... so I thought, why not just share them all!

Joey and I had SO much fun at this wedding... and I have decided that Jenna and I are long lost twins from a former life.

The Facts:

#1: We both loved riding quads as kids and going as fast as we could...
#2: We both share the same birthday as our father-in-law's...
#3: Both of our hubbys had to fix our car batteries on our first date...

How crazy is that!

Anyway, back to the wedding... we really did have a blast and everything was so beautiful that it made my job SUPER easy. I also had the pleasure of having the talented Laura Siivola which was awesome! I've never had a third person tag along with us before and it was so nice... I didn't have to run around like a crazy person all day, I think I could get used to that! But enough talk... let's get to the photos!

I *loved* Jenna's dress, it was so vintage chic.... I'm also pretty proud of that ring shot, I know I've said it before but it's hard to get those things to balance all pretty like that!

You already know how much I like shoes...

Laura took that awesome photo on the left... I love it!

Isn't Jenna just drop dead gorgeous! She totally rocked the Vouge pose I threw at her!

Jenna and Cody decided to see each other before the wedding so we'd have lots of time for pictures. I'm in love with Jenna's laugh/smile... you'll see a lot of them in this post, it's just so cute!

I <3 this photo... I've always wanted to take one like it and and was so excited when I saw Jenna had the perfect veil for it!

Cody was rockn' the GQ face as well...

We had some AWESOME cloud cover on their wedding day, if you're from Arizona you'll understand why that's so exciting...

Cody and his boys working the camera...

And of course the girls couldn't be shown up! I love this pic!

Another happy Jenna laugh...

Cody's mom is a wedding coordinator and she did an AMAZING job helping Jenna plan out all the little details for their wedding...

How cute is this?

Here comes the bride...

Have I mentioned I like Jenna's smile?

Makin' it legal...

Jenna and Cody had these two big yellow busses to caravan all the guests to the cabin where the reception was. How fun is that!

As the guests arrived everyone was given slippers to wear for the evening...

First dance...

I love this shot I was able to get from the balcony!

Jenna and her dad by me... and Cody and his mom by Laura

Laura took this picture of the cabin so you can see what the outside looked like, it's so big!

There was some pretty funny dance moves happening during the evening...

Thank you so much Jenna and Cody for letting us be the ones to capture your day, you were so amazingly awesome!


Brandi 6:57 AM  

Awesome photos and super hot couple. Love her dress and veil!!

amber 9:28 AM  

rock on! these are so awesome. i know they will love them! you did an amazing job capturing them and she is stunning!

Jenna 10:25 AM  

Kadie - I have to agree we are long lost twins, but, my friend you have the photography eye. THESE are amazing. I will be very patient now for the rest of them. Thank you so much for posting you, Joe and Laura did an amazing job being photography nigas. We loved having you part of our wedding and I'm recommending you to everyone I know. Hugs. Hope to see you soon.

Casia Fletcher 10:53 AM  

Ok so next time you need some extra ninja power I'm totally here! I so want to photograph a vintage/garden wedding! The details are extraordinary & way HIP! Not to mention the wedding party shots and all the attire. AH-mazing. I want to tag along....

Heather 11:22 AM  

WOW! What an incredible wedding, I can't even pick a favorite picture because they are all just TOO good!

Leah 11:07 PM  

Awesome Kadie. THey have such a fun look to them, love your conversions! The bus is pimp!

greta 8:46 AM  

GEEZ Kadie... amazing, amazing, and... amazing!

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