Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Etani + Jesica

Yes, I know... this post is a bit long over due. I've just been swamped with TONS of work lately and everything is taking a bit longer than usual. However! I finally put the finishing touches on Jesica + Etani's photos and just had to share some of them with you. They turned out so awesome! Let me know what you think :)

Jesica and Etani have been married for 8 years, but because of his job have only been together for about 4 of them, Jesica contacted me and I was able to snag a few photos of them together while he was back home for a couple weeks. We decided to start out in wedding garb since there photographer didn't get many good shot of them on their wedding day (see why it's important to hire a good photog in the first place!) and then we got more casual for a fun portrait shoot downtown.

I also had the awesome blessing of having Stuart Mattingly come along with me and second shoot/ hold stuff / be my human ladder... since Joey couldn't come along. THANK YOU STUART! But anyway... enough babbling here are the photos :)

Jesica did such a good job modeling! Isn't she gorgeous!?!?

Love this! Oh wait... I love them all :p

This just might be my new all time favorite portrait photo...

Jesica has such an amazing smile...


Casia Fletcher 8:01 PM  

Love them! What a fun & creative couple. I really like the wedding shot taken from above where you're looking down on them... I love how you just see her crisp eye lashes & their smiles. Great variety... keep up the great artwork!

DS at the well 10:27 PM  

You do such a fantastic job!! Always love to see your work. Thank You for all you do. Deanna

ENV Photography 5:42 PM  

I adore everything about these! You are my new favourite photographer! Seriously!

Leah Simmers 1:53 AM  

stunning! Where did you find that awesome grid like window?!

Kadie Pangburn 2:36 PM  

" Leah Simmers said...
stunning! Where did you find that awesome grid like window?!"

We went down to S. Park street and "The Lost Barrio" there are tons of neat places to take pics down there, these were done on the back sides of the buildings... :)

Melody Hood 12:12 AM  

Oh WOW, I love every image in this entire post! It's incredible! Amazing color,t he emotion is amazing, I love it alllll! Amazing work!

Jules 4:29 PM  

These are all so great, and I just LOVE the fact that the couple put their wedding garb on for some great couple shots in wedding clothes. The world needs more brave people like that!!!!

Alex Workman 5:28 PM  

The shot with the 2 red doors is incredible. Keep up the great work!

Jesica 1:52 PM  

We had so much fun that day...i wan to do it all over again...i hope we will we out new addition to our family my baby girl. Thank you Katty for your great work..you are awesome!!!

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