Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Happy Anniversary To Us :)

Joey and celebrated our 3rd anniversary today! I can't believe how fast time flies when you're having fun!

Here are some pictures from our big day by Chris Marchetti:

The girls's trying to tame all my tulle...

I wish I had a photo of Joe's and my Dad's face when I shared my grand idea to hang all the tulle from the ceiling of the church...

We had the most awesome 1956 red chevy convertible get away car...

I can't believe how blonde I am in all these photos I'm so used to seeing myself all dark haired lately!

Handsome hubby...

Look how long his hair was then!

lookin' all GQ in this one...

I had a bit of an "America's next top model complex" on our wedding day...

So... funny story... those panty hose I'm wearing, I totally forgot to buy before the wedding and on the way to the church it dawns on me that I forgot to get them... so we had to run into the store and buy some really quickly on our way.

This is our favorite wedding pic...

We like to call this one our Russian KGB bride and groom picture...

Cake... and no... there was no face smashing...

Our fun choreographed wedding dance we learned... it's funny though because in all our photos you can see how hard we're concentrating on getting it right...

Anyway :) Happy anniversary Joey dearest! I love you more than words could ever express!


Jill Higgins 11:24 AM  

So sweet! It is great that you had a good photographer! I was married 12 years ago, and my photographer was TERRIBLE. :(

Tiffany Izatt 3:08 PM  

Happy anniversary! I love the photos, it is so fun looking at the photographers wedding photos.

jamie burnett 7:27 PM  

Ahhhhh... What a chameleon you are.. Blonde huh! Happy belated Anniversary. ;)

matt sloan 11:51 AM  


Rachael Earl 8:11 PM  

How fun to see! My husband and I are coming up on 9 years...time seems to fly when you're happy!

Casia Fletcher 9:10 PM  

OMG... blondie!!! jk... I was blonde too on my wedding day! Funny how things change & so drastically. When I saw the first image I was looking all over for ya... and then had to scroll down to realize which was you... duh the 'BRIDE'. Little slow here! You guys have definitely grown as a couple into your own unique styles... Congrads on the anniversary!

Ry Ry 11:32 PM  

congrats on three years! Tell Joey I say Hi!

Jenna 12:24 PM  

Love your wedding pics! You look great in your dramatic red hair and blond how fun. Your wedding photos are amazing, you and Joe are a great couple. Cody and I are so happy to have had you as photographers and now as friends. Congrats and cheers to many more years together.

Michelle Morales Photography 8:58 AM  

Wow Kadie, I hardly recognize you in these photos! I'm used to seeing you dark-haired. :) I loved seeing your wedding pics and a very happy (although belated) anniversary to you and Joey!! :)

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