Friday, July 25, 2008

100th Blog Post!


Where have I been you might ask!?

Things around here have been crazy! July was certainly full of many ups and downs for us. Angela is doing and feeling much better, her and Jason decided to have a small ceremony last weekend and get married in light of everything that has happened so Joey and I were up there helping them out. I've been SUPER busy working on all the amazing photos I've had the opportunity to photograph over that past couple months and hopefully will get some blogs up about them soon, you won't want to miss them! Also, my little sis is getting married next sunday! So we have been running around helping her out with things as well. So yeah, things have been pretty crazy and insane for us the past month so hopefully August will be a little kinder on us!


jamie burnett 6:24 PM  

Happy 100th Blog post!

Casia Fletcher 2:02 PM  

Congrads. on the 100th time you've had to write & post something...LOL! Imagine 500, no 1,000! CRZy.

Mitchell Wong Ho 1:43 PM  

Congratulations...Looking forward to the next 100!

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