Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's Demolition Time!

I was super lucky to get asked by one of the local newspapers to take some pics of demolition night on Extreme Home Makeover. It was FREEZING cold, but we toughed it out for 4 hours waiting for them to tear down the house. I guess I just always watch the show and everything happens so fast. That is not the case in reality, they shoot everything at least twice sometimes 3 or 4 times. (like the march up to the house, they shot that twice, and whenever Ty talks they shoot it like 3 times, and TONS of cheering crowd shots, they filmed the blue shirt wearing crowd cheering for close to an hour!) It was extra hard because everything happened after the sun went down, so they had to move around these big lights to make sure their cameras could capture everything.

Here are a few of the pics I was able to snag. They aren't amazing because they made all the media stand REALLY REALLY far away, so it was hard to get any good pics, but I managed to snag a couple.

During the show they did a mock fashion show where the cast made outfits out of the families old furniture and stuff, here's a shot of Ty Pennington grading the outfits...

Here's a shot of the bundled up crowd that was across the street with me, mostly neighbors and friends of the family.

Then FINALLY it was demo time, and they tore into the house! I'm not sure why watching things get torn down by a bulldozer is so fun, but it is!

Here's a little closer shot of Ty talking into the video camera to the family showing the home tumbling down behind him.

I'm gonna try and get back on set toward the end of filming as well so I can see how everything turns out!


Rachael Earl 7:00 PM  

How cool! They did a house a few miles away from mine a couple years ago! Crazy to see the transformation!

mark eric 9:48 PM  

My wife would have loved to have been there, very cool!

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