Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hide and Wait....

Let me start by saying I am silly, I know I am silly but here goes. I have this thing, sort of like a test I suppose, that I used to unwittingly play on people while I was growing up. It went a little something like this:

1) Kadie is hanging out with a group of people...
2) Kadie leaves said group and goes off alone somewhere out of sight
3) Kadie proceeds to sit in said spot and wait

The point was supposed to be something like "we'll see who really is my friend and who really cares about me by who notices I'm missing and comes to find me." This plan usually backfired and I was left sitting alone while my friends had a grand old time in the other room.

OK, so even though this may sound dumb and silly it always meant a lot to me. For so long I felt like the invisible girl in the room just desperately wanting somebody to notice I existed, and not only notice I existed but care enough to want me back with the group because I was missed. So this concept really got ingrained into my subconscious to the point where I will still to this day do this unknowingly, waiting for somebody to care enough to come find me.

Now Enter Joey

From the very first time I met Joe he has always come and found me. Even when I didn't know I was hiding he comes scoops me up and tells me how much he missed me. For the little girl who always felt invisible you have no idea how that feels. It's the most amazing feeling on the planet to know somebody (besides your parents) loves you enough to miss you and seek you out so you can be together again.

So this Thanksgiving, even though I know it sounds so simple, thank you Joey for always caring enough to come find me :)

Then since every post needs a photo here is a cute one I snapped of Joey and Audrey while we were out snapping some photos the other day...


Captured Expressions 11:42 AM  

This is super sweet Kadie! Thanks for sharing!

Sabrina 11:49 AM  

I just love you guys!!! This is so sweet!!!! <3

Tammilynn 8:07 PM  

very honest and sweet!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Kadie,Joe and Audrey :)

Tammilynn 8:09 PM  

Very honest and sweet! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Kadie, Joe and Audrey :)

Anonymous 10:53 AM  

Awesome post. Really enjoyed reading your blog posts.

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