Sunday, November 14, 2010

What Happens In New Orleans... doesn't always stay there!
(Especially when you have 15-20 photographers following you around)

I'll get into more about our awesome trip later, but while we were there we randomly ended up being models for one of the workshops being taught during the conference. Which if you know us at all, you know we are total hams and that we jumped all over the chance... so for your amusement here are a few of the first images that have emerged from our adventure!

A few details to mention:
1) We found out we were doing this about 30min prior to when they needed us to model and I had all of 10min to do my hair and make-up

2) Yes we are hams and we know it

3) I realize why models get paid so much

4) The dress I was put in to wear was a size 12... and a few sizes to big so if I look a little larger than normal... that's why...

5) At one point during the shoot I let a strange man on Bourbon St. pose me because I thought he was part of the workshop, he was not... which explained the very strange "back off and get your hands off my wife" look my husband was giving him...

A big thanks to Brian Friedman for these images!!!


Vanessa Gonzalez 9:54 PM  

haha You 2 are awesome behind and in front of the camera!

Jim 10:10 PM  

I like the 'adult' shop in he background of #1...
The dress is a tad big...

I am glad that you enjoyed yourself and got home safely..
Love you, Duddy

Sabrina 10:53 AM  

holy cow!!! you are so freaking beautiful!!! you guys ROCK!!! you sure did rock the dress to!!! my fav is #3!!

W. Ashley 7:02 PM  

THat looks fun! so cool.

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