Thursday, November 04, 2010

New Orleans Here We Come!

I am so excited for the coming weekend! Not only to we get to photograph an awesome wedding up in Phoenix on Saturday but Sunday morning we get to hop on a plane and fly to a city that I've wanted to visit my entire life! NEW ORLEANS! For the first two day Joey and I are just going to hang out and be tourists then the rest of the week we'll be attending a photography conference called PartnerCon.

I can't wait to see everything! Depending on Internet availability at our hotel while we're there I'll see if I can post up at least one photo everyday so you can be right there with us! Then when I come back next week I'll do a big Inspiring Thursday post with photos of things that inspired me while I was there.

Feel free to give a shout out for any must do/see things Joey and I should put on our list!


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