Sunday, February 15, 2009

Angela + Jono

Christmas is probably my favorite Holiday, I LOVE Christmas. My husband can tell you that I go way overboard every year, I love the lights and the sparkle and most of all I love that one of my favorite colors is EVERYWHERE... RED! Yes I know I also love pink, but red and I go way back... like way back... I even have a fire engine red electric guitar. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that Angela and Jono where going to have a holiday themed wedding with red as their main color! I was so excited, and knew Angela was going to make everything just gorgeous I couldn't wait for their wedding day. I wasn't a bit disappointed when it arrived. Check it out!

I loved her earrings!

Oh and did I mention that a TV crew filmed their wedding as a demo for a new reality TV show!? Yeah we might all be TV stars! I'll keep you posted and let you know if it ever airs here in the states (they were from Canada)

Angela did her own make-up and she did an amazing job!

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The girls all looked beautiful...

Angela is so pretty... doesn't she remind you of Catherine Zeta Jones a bit?

Her bouquet was gorgeous and I'm almost positive she made it herself, isn't she talented?

Jono spent the better part of the morning trying to figure out his bow tie... he was getting a wee bit frustrated with it...

But he finally got it, and the guys looked awesome and very James Bond... ooohhh I love men in Tuxes!

Then it was time for the ceremony. Have I mentioned that these two have been dating since Jr. High?

I love this...

LOL, this one makes me smile...

After the ceremony, the sun decided that it was going to call it quits for the day so we had to get a little creative with our lighting, and I'm super stoked about the results!

How cute is this!?

Ummm.... are you kidding me!? These two are just off the hook... they make me want to go throw away my mirrors...

They had their reception at the Z Mansion and decked it out! Check out their super cute cake

Each table had a silver tree with ornaments on it, at the end of the night each guest got to take one home as a present... how fun is that!?

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First dance...

PARTY TIME!!! I could do a whole post just with fun party pics from this wedding, it was SOOO much fun. Perhaps I'll post up more later...

But for now I think I have overloaded you with enough photos for one post!

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY Angela and Jono! Thank you so much for letting us be your photographers!


Brandi 8:49 AM  

SO GORGEOUS. The bride is a knock out. I love your detail shots too! Very dramatic.

JulyJennifer 8:34 PM  

Gorgeous wedding, gorgeous photos! I do love the theme!

Mike Richards 5:47 PM  

What a great looking couple! These images are stunning!

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