Friday, February 13, 2009

Sedona Hitched & Haute Extravaganza

This past weekend I organized a huge group photo shoot for photographers in Arizona to get together, have fun and take some really awesome photos in some pretty rad locations. It was so fun and we had such a great turn out, so many photographers came to the shoot and I got to meet a ton of people. It was also fun because a bunch of my past brides came out to model for us and I got to see them all again and take their photos one more time. We ended up having about 11 models show up, so we broke down into groups and did 30 min mini sessions with each model (or tried to, I only got around to 6 of the models since I was running around trying to be in charge, organize stuff and shoot at the same time. That and Joey kept wandering off with my camera bag so every time I ran out of memory on a card I had to go and track him down! But it was a really fun day. Here are just a few of the fun shots I did have time to grab!

It actually turned out to be a bit of a family affair because my cousin's came to model the fab Micah and Susie (who looks just like Hayden Panettiere)

Jenna + Cody also came out to model...

And they brought their friends Nick + Mary Beth who were super cute!

Angela + Jono also made it out whose fab wedding should land on the blog here next week, you don't want to miss it!

Can you tell Angela has done some modeling before?

This photo makes me want to snuggle... (they were such troopers they are sitting in a thorn bush so I could grab this photo... I laid a jacket down though so it wasn't painful lol)

This might be my all time fav shot from the whole day... Jenna reminds me a bit of Joan of Arc in this photo, it's so epic looking...

Oh and my Sis-in-law Amy showed up to model as well!

Here's my cousin Micah and his wife Susie again, doesn't this look totally like a fashion ad? They are just to fabulous, they make me jealous!

And of course... Mrs. July Donovan came out in her AMAZING wedding gown! And in the end I think she was the last model standing. When all others had gotten cold and tired and called it a day she modeled on! lol I <3 July...

Ahhh so sorry for photo overload.... I had so much fun and just couldn't wait another moment to share!


Tim Co. 4:06 AM  

wow 11 models?! craziness!!! These photos are awesome! What a successful event!!

ross 4:43 AM  

beautiful photos!

Brandi 7:13 AM  

They're all gorgeous. I've been wanting to arrange a post-wedding/TTD type shindig here in Dallas.. you have inspired me to try and get the ball rolling!

Rochelle Oleson 11:19 AM  

Gorgeous Pictures. Sadness I missed this hope to go to the next. Love how you got this together and the group. Awesome!

JulyJennifer 8:33 PM  

I LOVE all your photos! You are a true artist! I heart Kadie!

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