Friday, March 20, 2009

Cortney + Jay

I am so excited to show these to you guys! I did Cortney + Jay's engagement session back in January and totally forgot to post some images! We had so much fun and they were totally up for anything.

I love these two photos...

Oh and you've seen this one but I thought I'd throw it in anyway... what can I say... I like it..

I love these two portraits of them... aren't they great little models!?

Isn't this fun?


Cortney has the most amazing eyes...

Ok so this is pretty cool... these next image were taken where Jay proposed. Out at Gates Pass, there is this little hut on the side of the mountain and Jay hiked up all these flowers and proposed there. So we just HAD to go back and take some pictures where it all began. On the inside of the hut people write all over and so when they got engaged they wrote their names too. Since then some people have written over it a little but if you look closely you can still see their names, the date and them my favorite part... "I love him"... so awesome!

I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of this photo...

The view was breathtaking up there...

Thank you guys so much! I can't wait for your wedding next weekend!


Brandi 3:22 PM  

Holy hotness batman, these are awesome.

SceneOne Photography 9:25 PM  

Kadie: I am always inspired by your work and these are stunning!

Rachael Earl 12:40 PM  

So gorgeous! I love the ones up on the mountains-SO gorgeous!

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