Monday, March 23, 2009

Megan + Aaron

YEAH!!! I am so so so excited to post these photos up for you guys to see! Joe and I were super excited to go down to Tubac Golf Resort for Megan + Aaron's wedding.  I knew Megan was going to do an amazing job planning the wedding, but I was blown away when we got there and saw all the little details she had planned out. Not to mention that her color scheme was so different and  beautiful!

We started out at the hair salon at the golf resort, I so love this image of one of Megan's bridesmaids looking for a hairstyle...
And her dress was gorgeous and fit her personality to a "T" :)
Then we headed back to Megan's room where she did her make-up and did an amazing job...

See :) So beautiful...

And I know this image is technically all wrong but I still love it...

Have I mentioned I love this image?
Are you kidding me!? So amazing!

I love all these images so much, there were just endless places to take pictures there...

Umm... AMAZING!!!! Check out all these awesome little details!!!

Megan was such a happy bride! I love her smile so much!!!

Isn't this shot Joey grabbed of them leaving kick butt!?

More amazing details from the Reception!

Did I mention this place is beautiful?

Megan had planned to have an outdoor tent reception on the grass, but the weather turned so cold they were forced to move it inside, they made it look so gorgeous in there!

Thank you Megan and Aaron so much for letting us be a part of your amazing day!!!


Brooke Stevens-Patrick 5:12 AM  

Absolutely beautiful Kadie. I really love the one of them in the distance at the top of the hill and how completely adorable she is in their 1st dance shots!

jamiedelaine 7:03 AM  

Kadie, Kadie, your colour is amazing!

Rachael Earl 10:47 AM  

These are gorgeous! Love all the detail shots! If I could redo my wedding, those would be the colors I would pick-they look awesome!

Leah Simmers 11:10 AM  

HOly wowzers, it all looks so poppy and yummy! Make sense? :) I'm sure you get it lol

lyndsay 11:35 AM  

Wonderful pictures! y'all did a great job! Thank you for being so professional and fun with us. I love your style.

Purple Nickel Studio 12:21 PM  

Holy smokes...what great colors!!! Now these are the weddings we all need to be makes it soooo much more inspirational and how could we go wrong with such YUMMY details & fab. people. GREAT JOB & lighting!!!

Sherry Rosenberger 1:13 PM  

Wow! Those colors are just amazing. You really captured the happy couple too. They look like they are oozing happiness.

Michael Chansley 6:46 PM  

Megan did a great job at picking the colors! Sun Devil Stadium?? :/ Glad you and Joe were able to capture it all.

Kadie Pangburn 6:56 PM  

But her colors were the Wildcats!!! Funny huh?

Shane Snider 3:06 AM  

Great work, Kadie. Vibrant and smart. You have very lucky brides!

Mike Richards 7:56 PM  

Kadie...these are unreal!!!! Are you shooting with primes or something?!?!?!

Kadie Pangburn 8:02 PM  

Thanks Guys :)

Oh and Mike yes I shoot with all primes now and I love it! I use a 24mm, 50mm, 85mm and I have a fishy :)

Joey 10:16 PM  

Stunning colours!!! LOve them all to difficult to choose a fav !!!

Marianne Wilson 8:59 PM  

love them!!

great detail shots!!

Charlotte Justine 8:49 AM  

These are beautiful! Having a gorgeous brides always helps, huh? I love how vibrant they are. Great work!

Steve 2:06 PM  

Eye popping images, all of them!

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