Thursday, March 13, 2008

*And We're Off!*

Joey and I took off out of Tucson this morning bright and early and headed up north to photograph Grace & Jeremy's wedding in Portland this weekend! Yeah for destination weddings!!!

Although I have to start with the fact that I HATE flying! Well... I guess I should rephrase that... I love flying on little prop planes, but the moment you put me on a 747 I start feeling queasy. Soooo... in order to overcome that I have to keep my mind on something else and the best way I have found to do that is by coloring. Yes, coloring... It looks childish, but it is so relaxing! Try it sometime!

Here I am coloring.... and being goofy trying not to think about flying...

Look green stuff! (Hey, I'm from arizona... we don't have much of that here!)

Me pretending not to be freaking out :)

Ah and look, the result of my ridiculous anxiety :)

Check back soon for some pics from the wedding!

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