Friday, March 14, 2008

~ Grace & Jeremy • March 14th 2008 ~

Joey and I were stoked when Grace asked us to fly up to Portland and photograph her wedding. We love any excuse we can get to get out of Tucson and do a little traveling! (even if I do hate flying!) I was a little worried though when we got off the plane and it was 40º and raining outside! However the next day turned out to be just a little overcast and made for perfect lighting for photos! *NOTE TO BRIDES!!!: Overcast days will often produce the best photographs... so don't freak out if it's going to be cloudy on your wedding day!* Originally the wedding was going to be at Canon Beach, but that ended up falling through and I was a bit sad. But when we pulled up and saw THIS was where the wedding was going to be instead I almost peed my pants I was so excited!

The building is called "The Academy" and we don't have many places like that in Arizona! So after that I knew it was going to be a good day! Here are some of the amazing photos we were blessed to capture:


Grace had her dress custom made just for her, it was beautiful! Even the bridesmaids dresses were custom made to match!

Jeremy & Grace decided to see each other before their ceremony, something that I am very in favor of, especially if when the ceremony won't be over until after dark. I'll post more about why I like it so much later, but basically we just make a time when you can both have some alone time together in a secluded spot before the wedding. I love this photo I captured of them embracing from my hiding space!

FAVORITE!!! This cool old building was right next door and I made sure that we got it in a couple shots!

Joey took this of me being stupid... (but getting a great photo!)

Here's the one of the resulting images... Defiantly worth the risk!

Everything about Grace & Jeremy's wedding was so vintage chic that I just had to do an old school portrait!

Beautiful Grace

Handsome Jeremy

After photos we headed back inside for the ceremony. Isn't the chapel inside amazing!

They were just a tad excited about getting married!

I love taking photos of the people watching the ceremony, you never know what you're going to get!

At the reception they had the cutest table full of cupcakes for the guest and a little bitty cake for the two of them.

The ballroom was just as cute as the chapel!

Cutting the cake :P

And they lived happily ever after....


Leah 1:05 AM  

These are gorgeous!! No surprises though your work is always stunning!

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