Friday, March 28, 2008

•• • •• I'm a TV *star*! •• • ••

I was more than excited to be invited to be the business spotlight for this weeks edition of Inside Arizona Business which will air Sunday morning at 9:00 am on Tucson's channel 4. I was REALLY nervous since I've never done an interview like that before but was super excited and luckily I think I only put my foot in my mouth once during the interview! So I'm pretty proud of myself for that. Here are some photos Joey snapped during the taping:

Here I am outside the studio:

Joe decided to document how nervous I looked....

And here I am in my interview inside the studio... isn't that AWESOME!!!! I was so excited I had one huge stupid grin on my face the whole time! You can see where they film the local news off in the corner over there too...

After sunday you will be able to see my interview online: HERE
(if you have windows media player)

Ok... but seriously... how cool is that!!!!! I'm going to be on TV for 10,000 people to watch! I hope I sounded ok!


Daron Shade 6:35 PM  

Too Cool! I'll be sure to set the DVR!

(You don't really look too nervous, by the way)

kacy jo 8:14 PM  

That's awesome Kadie, congrats! Looking forward to seeing the interview :)

Jim 7:13 AM  

I sat at my desk with tears puddleing in my eyes...

I am so proud of you!


Leah 2:28 PM  

congrats Kadie

Gerald & Airika 11:17 PM  

Great job Kadie--I just checked out your website and the Hitched & Haute sessions are definitely your niche! In fact, you could probably shape a whole business around them. Congrats on all the publicity--you've earned it! ~Airika

Bruce 7:52 PM  

Kadie, you did great! It's so nice to see how well you are doing and growing as a photog. I wish you the best!!

Michael Chansley 8:11 PM  

Looks like it went pretty well. My mom called me and told me you were on and asked me if I knew you. i'm glad I was able to see it online. How cool!

Daron Shade 10:29 AM  

Great interview! The images were killer and you were very personable. Congrats!

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