Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween Fun

My lil sis threw a great Halloween party this year at her apartment up in Phoenix that Joey and I went up and attending and I am just dying to share some photos with you guys! Mine and Joey's costume's came out so cute!

I was a flapper and Joey was Indiana Jones...

Kasie was Princess Giselle and her hubby Ryan was the Joker. Kasie sewed both of their costumes herself from top to bottom from scratch! Didn't she do an amazing job!? Ryan's a pretty awesome special effect make-up artist as well!

Audrey wore her little devil puppy costume and Kasie's dog Mingus was a pirate!

Ryan carved that awesome Mario pumpkin and my mom and dad dressed up as well... whatever my dad was... he was CREEPY looking! (oh it was his birthday on the 31st as well, so it's duel holiday for us!) And I think this is the first time in my entire life when I have ever seen my mom dress up in a costume... like ever! It was a pretty historic moment. LOL!

Kasie had this really fun game she planned where we all had a secret character on our backs that we had to ask everyone else questions about and try and figure out what horror movie character we were.

Ahhh... my cute little family...

I was having a little too much fun with my flapper dress. I FREAKING LOVE THINGS THAT SWISH!!!! I will twirl around and swing back and forth anytime I'm wearing a fun little dress that will move and swish and this one was like EXTREME SWISHIENESS!!!

Ok... sorry mom, but this one was just so fun I had to put it in here. I have NEVER gotten a picture of my mom making a funny face like this... EVER!!!! I'm so freaking in love with this photo, I will cherish it forever lol!

After we played the first guessing game we played another little trivia game about halloween and SURPRISE! I WON! I was so excited! My prize was two tickets to watch a Harkin's movie! Oh and then the other pic is my trying to acted freaked out and scared of my father's costume.... I've decided it's a good thing I'm a photographer and not an actor.... lol!

Thanks Kasie for an AWESOME party!!!!


Jim 1:09 PM  

Thank you Kasie for hosting- ghost hosting... a wonderful evening. Dad-

Brandi 3:21 PM  

Wow that looks like a ton of fun. Great shots too!

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