Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ok... so I've been meaning to do this for a while now, and it's still not quite finished, but it's begun and that's all that matters! I figured out a way to make my own map on google maps and put pins in all my fav photo spots around town along with pictures so if you're thinking about where you might like to do a session you can get some ideas from some of my fav locations to shoot.

I'll keep adding as I come across stuff!

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Michael Chansley 10:54 PM  

You got some of my favs on here. La Encantada, Old Tucson Studios, Tanque Verde Guest Ranch and the Botanical Gardens are nice too!

lynn 12:55 PM  

That's a fantastic idea!

Anonymous 2:58 PM  

this is an awesome resource! thanks for sharing. quick you need permission to go to the hotels if you aren't a guest? thx!

Kadie Pangburn 9:05 PM  

Usually if you are respectful of the grounds and don't go on a day they are having a wedding they don't care. I usually only stay outside of the resorts, stay out of the way and don't do much shooting inside them, they haven't said anything to me yet...

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