Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Janelle + Ryan • Sedona

Joey and I had the awesome opportunity to photograph Janelle and Ryan's intimate Sedona wedding with only their closest family in attendance earlier this year. I LOVE small intimate weddings, If I got to marry Joey all over again, it's exactly what I would do. Janelle and I have actually been friends for a VERY long time, since we were about 3 years old I'd say. We used to go to the same church in Phoenix and our moms were best friends. Then when I moved away to Prescott when I was 7 we still saw each other every summer when we would attend the same summer camp... so yeah... we go WAY back! It was also quite funny because Joey has known a family that lives in Sedona for years now and kept telling me that they own a bed and breakfast there. Then when we showed up at Janelle's wedding to start taking photos we realized they were getting married at his friends B&B A Sunset Chateau! What a weird coincidence!? Ok but enough babbling on with some photos!

I found a fun way to hang up Janelle's dress that I was quite proud of...

Isn't this a beautiful spot for a wedding!?

Here comes the bride...

There were a few tears during the wedding...

And also many smiles...

Look how far Ryan has to bend over to meet her! Isn't this cute!


Taking pictures in Sedona is easy...

Aren't they the cutest!

I love their expressions in that second photo!

Something I've had in my head for a while... Love how it turned out...

It also helped that Janelle could be a model...

I know this one is similar, but there is something about it I love as well..

Look at all the green stuff!!!

LOVE this shot of Janelle, one of my favorite bridal pics ever!


lynn 3:56 PM  

So gorgeous! Amazing job as always. I love how rich and vivid your colors always are. :)

ramil 5:53 PM  

amazing images.... crisp, clean and refreshing!

shawnreeder 1:20 PM  

Awesome work Kadie! That area around Oak creek is incredible, and I love the shot you got with the veil! Hope you're well.

miladyjane3 3:26 PM  

Gorgeous! I'm so excited to order. You have a way about your photos... you can make everything become spectacular!

Anonymous 4:58 PM  

Kadie, as a mom, I don't tire of viewing these! It will be difficult to pick and choose. What comes through in your photos is not just the "art" of photograpy, the technicals...but perhaps because of your relationship with Janelle, everything seems relaxed, natural, and you brought out the "real," vs. the canned. I love that. So much more memorable. Oh, btw, I had a long conversation with your mom last Sunday, so I know about the Hawaii thing. Imagine the photographic possibilities there, and a free place to stay! Lucky you! I can't wait to see the family photos, too, from the wedding. Love, Jodi

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