Monday, November 03, 2008

HOLY CRAP!!!!! I feel like Ms. America!

I am finally able to officially announce some BIG NEWS! Rangefinder Magazine has written a 5 page article about me and my photo biz!!! I can't even begin to describe how over the moon I am! I mean come on... Me!!!! Little old ME!!!

I'd like to just take a moment to thank all the little people who have gotten me to where I am today LOL!:

My Mom: With out whose help I would never have become the creative individual I am today
My Dad: For always being there to encourage and support me
My Grandpa: For giving me my first real camera
My Sister: Who has modeled for me and let me practice on her since she was 11
And my hubby, without whose love and encouragement and support I would have never taken the leap to start my business


Ok enough with the mushy stuff on with my fantastic news!

They wrote an awesome 5-page article on me and my biz and included some of my favorite pictures.

For those of you who aren't in the photo world Randfinder is a national and I think even international magazine that goes out to professional photographers everywhere. So being profiled by them is a huge honor!

I'm so excited and can't wait to get my official copy of the magazine this month in the mail, I've been stalking their internet site waiting for the issue to go up so I could download the PDF all day!

You can find a link to the awesome article they wrote about me here: READ THE ARTICLE


kacy jo 6:42 PM  

Congrats Kadie, can't wait to see the issue in real life! Love your acceptance speech ;)

Jamie Burnett 7:02 PM  

Yeah... I am so happy for you girl! You deserve it!

clintfiore 7:13 PM  

Congrats girl. You deserve it!

Purple Nickel Studio 7:17 PM  

Woo Hoo... ROCK STAR!!! Can I be a groupie? So exciting... love all the images you submitted too! Totally showcases your talent! Congrads Girlie... I'm so proud of you!

Michael Chansley 7:54 PM  

Awesome! Can't wait to get my issue in the mail.

Dove Wedding Photography 8:26 AM  

Congratulations Kadie! How wonderful! Can't wait to get my Rangefinder now!


rhphoto 8:56 AM  

AWESOME Kadie & Joe and so well deserved! Huge congrats and keep on inspiring! :) ~Michelle

Kelly Mahoney 10:54 AM  

Oh my goodness, congratulations! What a beautiful spread of your work.

Kelly LaBruyere 3:14 PM  

Congrats! That is awesome!

Jenna 4:32 PM  

Wow that is an amazing article and spread. You deserve it! We miss you guys. Congrats on this and we are so proud to be in one of the pics :)

Fonzie 3:42 AM  

Palabra Chica!!! Congrats are totally in order...maybe in us in the click...can shake thing up here in the Old Pueblo!!!


Laura 9:21 AM  


Michael Costa 2:38 PM  

Congradulations, that's a fantastic article!

Ross and Kammi 5:07 PM  

Congrats on the article that is so awesome. Can't wait to see it in print.

Kelvin 1:43 AM  

Wow!!! Kadie, you did it! It's a huge accomplishment:) I like the pictures from the first two pages of the magazine, great idea!

lynn 2:27 PM  

This is HUGE! Congrats!

Shellane & 3:39 PM  

Congratulations, Kadie! That's awesome! You are so talented! :)

Brienne Michelle 7:59 PM  

OMG Kadie! I didn't see this post when you put it up, but I just got my Rangefinder and saw the article! I was like, "wait wait, I've SEEN these images before!" and then I saw it was a huge spread on YOU! How awesome is THAT?!?

SO EXCITED for you!!! You deserve it!

Sabrina ROmero 10:30 AM  

All I have to say is that they picked the right person to profile!!! Your an amazing photographer and a wonderful person!!! I just hope that when I have children that you are still doing amazing photography... for their wedding it would eb a no brainer to go with you!!!

Anonymous 4:55 PM  

Kadie, I am cathing up on old blogs. I guess I am addicted to your website after all. So, are Mark and I the guilty "wine" parties? Ha ha! You are amazingly talented and deserve all of the accolades.
- Christy Maley

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